iPhone 10 Screen Protector Review & Buyers Guide

Last Updated: August 1, 2019

Our reviews team took a look at the best screen protector brands, and identified products from Tech21, Spigen, Belkin, Tozo and Karapax as the best iPhone 10 screen protector options currently available.

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iphone 10 screen protector
iphone 10 screen protector review - image source: belkin

Among the big talking points surrounding the release of the Apple iPhone 10 has been its size—143.5mm (5.65in) x 70.9mm (2.79in), 7.7mm (0.3in thick)—as well as its heft (174g or 6.14oz) which together make it the largest, heftiest iPhone released to date. But of course, the huge point of interest has been its screen; not just its considerable 5.8in (diagonal) size, but its all-screen design. Almost immediately it became apparent that the first of the necessary and best iPhone accessories to be purchased with the handset would be an iPhone 10 screen protector.

This is a big is beautiful player on the smartphone market, with a gorgeously clear super retina HD display, and the OLED multi-touch display going some considerable distance to offsetting any disappointment or shock the Apple faithful must have felt when they learned that the company’s latest flagship phone would jettison the company’s tried and test home-button for the first time.

Already, the iPhone 10 comes out of the box with a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating that will help it preserve the quality and response of the screen and its amazing 2436-pixel x 1125-pixel resolution, True Tone display and 3D Touch. While these oleophobic coatings are great for repelling sweat and oil residue from fingerprints (which, over the long term has a corrosive effect on the screen), many will prefer to take the braces and belt approach of a separate iPhone 10 screen protector.


5 Best iPhone 10 Screen Protectors

Our reviews team took a look at the best screen protector brands, and identified the following solutions, from Tech21, Spigen, Belkin, Tozo and Karapax as the best iPhone 10 screen protector options available on the market currently.



1. iPhone 10 Screen Protector Review – Tech21 Impact Shield with Self Heal

Image Source: Amazon

Tech21’s Impact Shield with Self Heal is an intelligent, multiple-layer screen that not only protects against the bumps and knocks of everyday working life, but also smooths over the scratches that your iPhone is subjected to on a regular basis.

The Impact Shield provides advanced impact protection with Tech21’s patented BulletShield formula, while the self-healing surface is durable and guaranteed to provide a long lasting working life for your iPhone 10 screen.

Working perfectly with Tech21 cases, the protector comes with an applicator to help perfect the alignment, and application is easy and bubble-free. Another bonus of the Tech21 Impact Shield with Self Heal is that it enjoys a limited lifetime warranty.

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2. iPhone 10 Screen Protector Review – Spigen Glas.tr

Image Source: Amazon

Spigen’s Tempered Glass Screen protector is a great solution for the iPhone. They are not only compatible with Spigen cases, but also ultra comfortable in the hand, in addition to retaining the feel and clarity of the original touchscreen while ensuring that the screen of your new device could not be better protected against bumps, knocks, scrapes and scratches.

With their round edges, these Spigen protectors boast a surprisingly touch 9H in hardness, and yet their ultra thin size ensures no negative impact whatsoever in the pin-sharp clarity and responsiveness of your iPhone screen.

Every pack of Spigen Glas.tr screen protectors contains two slim protectors, a comprehensive installation guide, a microfibre cloth for wiping and a wet cleaner as well as a dust removal sticker to ensure all cleaning and protection bases will be covered. Great value.

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3. iPhone 10 Screen Protector Review – Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra

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Belkin’s state of the art InvisiGlass Ultra screen protector has been designed specifically for use with the iPhone 10. Engineered for high resilience and unsurpassed durability, the InvisiGlass Ultra also preserves the core integrity of the iPhone’s ultra responsive crystal clear screen viewing and touch experience.

This iPhone 10 screen protector is a premium standard, advanced solution, providing up to five times greater resistance to scratches, up to 25 percent reduced scratch visibility, and improved performance against dropping or shocks.

Just 0.21mm thin, these protectors have the smooth glide of real glass to the touch. They are 9H hardness, and ion-exchange strengthened for superior damage reduction. Included in the package is an alignment tray to assist with the easy and precise application. A cleaning cloth and dust removal sticker is also provided.

With detailed instructions also provided, the Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra comes with a two-year limited warranty only when shipped from and directly sold by Amazon

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4. iPhone 10 Screen Protector Review – Tozo iPhone 10 Glass Screen Protector

Image Source: Amazon

The Tozo iPhone 10 Glass Screen Protector has been manufactured using the latest 3D Glass Bent Technology, meaning that the protector will, edge-to-edge, perfectly fit the iPhone’s distinctive 2.5D round edge. There are no sharp edges with this cover, made from composites, PET material and tempered glass. Just 0.2mm thin, this screen protector preserves the clarity and colour of the screen, while the 9H super thin tempered glass surface is second only to diamond hardness.

With a no-hassle warranty that provides lifetime protection for your Tozo iPhone 10 Glass Screen Protector, this product will work perfectly with most iPhone 10 cases (and you can check for yourselves which are the most suitable on the company’s Facebook page and website).

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5. iPhone 10 Screen Protector Review – Karapax iPhone 10 GlassGuard

Image Source: Amazon

The Karapax iPhone 10 GlassGuard applies DoubleDefence technology to the business of protecting your iPhone 10 screen from scrapes and scratches. Its reinforced glass provides twice as much strength for protection against scratches and fingerprints, and the protector will be compatible with most cases, as GlassGuard has been designed to perfectly fit the iPhone 10’s flat screen, not its curved edges or bezel.

In extreme cases, GlassGuard acts as a shatterproof membrane, which will ensure that the glass of the screen will stick together, even if it is broken.

Every Karapax GlassGuard pack contains two screen protectors, two microfiber cloths, two alcohol wipes, two dust-removal stickers, a squeee card, an installation guide including an alignment frame for perfectly aligned application, as well as the company’s 18-month warranty and access to its customer service representatives.

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