iPhone 10 Review 2020 – Buyers Guide & Review

Last Updated: July 1, 2020

Also known as the iPhone X, the iPhone 10 has swept aside any anticipated resistance to its major design changes and an eye-watering $999 price tag to become lauded as probably the best phone ever released by Apple. Our team reviewed the iPhone 10 and outlined its pros and very few cons.

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iphone 10 review
iphone 10 review - image source: apple

So, where do you start with what has been the most high profile smartphone launch of 2020? The price? The fact that there is confusion over whether we call it the iPhone 10 or the ‘iPhone X’? (For the record, the idea is that it’s verbally referred to as iPhone ‘10’ but written as X, which is, of course, the Roman Numeral for 10). The much commented on $999 asking price? There has been a diversity of opinion, but since the launch the iPhone 10 review testers and writers have steadily come to regard the 10 as perhaps the closest thing to perfection that Apple has released in its smartphone history.

In pretty much all respects apart from its eye-watering price tag, the iPhone 10 is absolutely perfect. In many ways, this is a real surprise, especially given the mixed reviews on release. The initial quibbles were to be expected. The iPhone 10 was an enormous gamble for the mobile tech giant. Not only was the price exclusive but the design modifications cut to heart of the hugely successful Apple USP.


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Not only has the gamble of altering the classic Apple iPhone design (by removing the home button) paid off, but it has done so almost without qualification. Naturally, nothing is absolutely perfect, and there are bound to be niggles, but as you’ll see from our Apple iPhone 10 Review and our pros and cons overview, these are minor indeed.


iPhone 10 Review 2020


Any iPhone review writer would have had their critical knife sharpened when they heard about the plans that the Cupertino tech giants had for the iPhone 10. It seemed as if losing the home button from the device would prove to be an ultra foolhardy move. But it has proven not to be.

Simply put, this iPhone 10 review writer must concede that the 10 is probably the best iPhone Apple has made.

The asking price of $999 is prohibitive, but if you regard your mobile comms as a major investment, then this is the phone for you, no question. It’s an awesome blend of ergonomic, easy to carry and hold comfort, and its (relatively) huge OLED screen has a degree of clarity that is stunning.

The TrueDepth cameras, front and rear, are extremely impressive, even in low light, easily outshining earlier editions of the phone, and the Face ID is a novel device that works extremely well (even if you have a busy couple of days and don’t manage to shave!).


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A couple of minor niggles… there’s the price (again!) and you will not want to be without a case for this beauty. Not only will you want to protect what is a huge investment, but the metal rim of the device is prone to picking up pocks and marks. So searching out one of the best iPhone cases will be essential to get the most out of this phone. While the absence of the home button is not as big a deal as might be expected, it will require some getting used to in the beginning.

All in all, if you’re in funds, this is the phone for you!

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iPhone 10 Review 2020 – The Pros and Cons

Just a quick recap, then, on the pros and cons identified in our iPhone 10 Review…


iPhone 10 Review – The Pros:

  • Excellent screen
  • Beautiful, strong design
  • TrueDepth camera is outstanding


iPhone 10 Review – The Cons:

  • The iPhone 10 is the  most expensive flagship phone around
  • We found that the iPhone 10 Metal rim can mark without case